18 Tech Talks

Talks offered by first level speakers from the Call for Paper raised by the association.

Tech Workshops

Workshops open to all audiences that will be held on the weekend.

Hack and Beers

We will have the traditional Hack and Beers again on Thursday afternoon.

Family Activities

Workshops for parents and children in raising awareness of the use of new technologies.

Private Workshops

During the week of the Congress there will be several private workshops that can only be accessed by members and / or by invitation


As in previous editions we will visit different educational centers in the province of Guadalajara

HoneySec Event Organizer

Who is HoneySec?

Honey Sec is a non-profit association located in the city of Guadalajara (Spain), which aims to promote good practices in computer security and the use of new technologies. The association is made up of people with a high interest in cybersecurity issues and who actively participate in the different communities established at the national level.

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Tickets for the event

From Monday, October 25, tickets for the event can be purchased. As it is a face-to-face event, it is important that you purchase the ticket to attend the talks at the associated center of the UNED in Guadalajara. The ticket will allow you to participate in raffles for books, courses and tempos, that is why those attending the online talks are allowed to obtain a ticket to participate in the raffles.

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Programa del evento

Monday 8 November Lugar
19:00 Taller Privado HoneySEC
Tuesday 9 November Lugar
19:00 Charla sobre redes sociales para familias - Mancomunidad Tham Canal Twitch
Wednesday 10 November Lugar
19:00 Taller Privado HoneySEC
Thursday 11 November Lugar
18h Hack and Beers: Pendiente Confirmar Irlandes Errante
19h Hack and Beers: Pendiente Confirmar Irlandes Errante
20h Hack and Beers: BioHacking con Python (Marina Moro López) Irlandes Errante
Friday 12 November Lugar
Track Presencial
16:00 Presentación San Jose
16:15 INCIBE Hacking School San Jose
17:00 Business Email Compromise - Tendencias y moda 2021 (GuilleHartek) San Jose
17:45 Escalar capacidades en Ciberseguridad mediante la Ciberinteligencia (Carlos Seisdedos y Aguilera)
San Jose
18:30 Descanso
19:00 ICS forensic, historia de un ataque real a subestación electrica (Jordi Ubah) San Jose
19:45 Entornos nublosos: Cazando malosos con procesos asombrosos. Threat Hunting (KinoMakino) San Jose
20:30 Lorenzo Martinez - Memorias de un DFIer vol VIII San Jose
22:15 Cena abierta a todos los publicos
Saturday 13 November Lugar
Track Familias
10h a 11h Fake news y adolescencia (Miriam Martinez) Canal Twitch
10h a 12h Taller de OSINT para familias San Jose
Talleres Tecnicos Seguridad
11h a 13h Jugando con la torre, movimientos laterales entre activos vulnerados (Salvador Gamero y Álvaro Ortega) San Jose
11h a 13h CiberInvestigaciones con Raspberry PI (El taller) San Jose
11h a 13h Academia INCIBE: Capture the Flag San Jose
Track Español Online
16:00 Pentesting en Inteligencia Artificial: Ataques adversarios de caja negra a una red de clasificación de señales de tráfico.
Canal Twitch
17:00 FluBot & friends. Auge de los troyanos bancarios en Android - Josep Albors Canal Twitch
18:00 Patricio Campos - Pentesting automatizado Canal Twitch
19:00 CiberInvestigaciones con Raspberry PI (La charla)
Canal Twitch
20:00 Venator: Rastreando y cazando trolls en Twitter Canal Twitch
21:00 Quiero empezar en seguridad informática, ¿por donde empiezo? Canal Twitch
Track Ingles Online
16:00 Security considerations in Python Packaging (Gajendra Deshpande - India) Canal Twitch
17:00 Don't turn your back on Ransomware! (Erik Heskes - The Netherlands)
Canal Twitch
18:00 Biohacker: The Invisible Threat Canal Twitch
19:00 The 9 Most Common Security Threats to Mobile Devices in 2021 Canal Twitch
20:00 Driving Decisions with Data: Delight or Disaster? (Joe Perez - USA) Canal Twitch
21:00 The Future of Computer Security with AI (Opemipo Disu - Nigeria) Canal Twitch
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