Tech Talks

Talks offered by first level speakers from the Call for Paper raised by the association.

Tech Workshops

Workshops open to all audiences that will be held on the weekend.

Hack and Beers

We will have the traditional Hack and Beers again on Thursday afternoon.

Family Activities

Workshops for parents and children in raising awareness of the use of new technologies.

Private Workshops

During the week of the Congress there will be several private workshops that can only be accessed by members and / or by invitation


As in previous editions we will visit different educational centers in the province of Guadalajara

HoneySec Event Organizer

Who is HoneySec?

Honey Sec is a non-profit association located in the city of Guadalajara (Spain), which aims to promote good practices in computer security and the use of new technologies. The association is made up of people with a high interest in cybersecurity issues and who actively participate in the different communities established at the national level.

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Tickets for the event

From Monday, October 16, tickets for the event can be purchased. As it is a face-to-face event, it is important that you purchase the ticket to attend the talks at the associated center of the UNED in Guadalajara. The ticket will allow you to participate in raffles for books, courses, etc.

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Event program

Thursday, November 2 Lugar
18:00 Hack&Beers
18:00 Raúl Renales: Inteligencia Artificial en la investigación criminal Local Honey
19:00 Modelos de generación de confianza en entornos incógnita utilizando OSINT y teoría de juegos Local Honey
Friday, November 3 Lugar
10:00 Taller Privado: Ciberinvestigación en entornos digitales (BECs, Rastreo Wallets, NFTs, Metaverso y propiedad intelectual) Impartido por Salva Gamero y Antoni Cobos Aula 202
14:30 Comida Post Taller para participantes Centro UNED Gu
16:30 Charlas tecnicas en el Salon de actos de UNED Guadalajara Centro UNED Gu
16:30 Bienvenida y presentacion de las jornadas Centro UNED Gu
17:00 Juan Pelaez (Incibe): Principales Campañas de phishing suplantando a Bancos Centro UNED Gu
17:50 Lorenzo Martinez (Securizame): Memorias de un perito forense Centro UNED Gu
18:40 Manuel Guerra (GLIDER): Forensic Surprise Centro UNED Gu
19:30 Descanso Centro UNED Gu
20:00 Josep Albors (ESET): Sueñan los hackers con waifus eléctricas? Centro UNED Gu
20:50 Ruth Sala (Criminal Lawyer): 10 recetas para no comer macarrones Centro UNED Gu
Saturday, November 4 Lugar
10h Taller privado: Wazuh como estrategia de Ciberseguridad Aula 202
10h Taller de Ciberseguridad para Mayores: Las personas mayores en el ciberespacio: desafíos y oportunidades (Paloma Barcena) Aula 101
13h Cervezas de Hermandad y cierre del evento To be Defined
Thursday, November 9 Lugar
19:00 Charlas con familias: Negociar con Adolescentes THAM Internet

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